Sovereign in The Temple of Void
Full Name Sovereign
Current Age Unspecified
Species New Human
Current Status Alive
Class Antagonist
Main Weapon(s) Scythe
First Appearance The Temple of Void
Latest Appearance The Temple of Void
Silver Belle

Sovereign is a skilled assassin and one of the main antagonists in The Temple of Void


Sovereign is a natural born leader lacking in only one trait...working with a team. Sovereign is a really strong leader and is respected for it, however she has been known to make decisions in the past which have ultimately cost the lives of some of her team mates, even though they have the intended outcome in the end. This impulsive nature has always been a problem of hers, but will she be able to recover and get over this nasty habit before it costs another life of one of those she cares about?


The Temple of Void



Lucie is Sovereign's sworn enemy, as Sovereign always manages to foil Lucie's plans. It's more of a one-sided hate than a conflict.



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