Scarlett in The Temple of Dreams
Full Name Scarlett
Current Age 21
Species New Human
Current Status Alive
Class Antagonist
Main Weapon(s) Flirting
First Appearance The Temple of Dreams
Latest Appearance The Temple of Dreams

Scarlett is one of the antagonists in The Temple of Dreams. She currently resides in Bounty Retreat, the same place in which adventurer Charity comes from, implying the two knew each other before the events occured.


Scarlett is a very flirtatious and devious person, she loves to have her way with men and then dispose of them at her beckon and call. She uses them to get what she wants in every and any situation that she can think of. She is very manipulative and a great liar, which impulsed her to become a bounty hunter, and because of her very cute demeanor, she pulls off the job flawlessly.


The Temple of Dreams





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