Lycia Storm
Lycia Storm
Lycia in The Temple of Void
Full Name Lycia Storm
Current Age 18
Species New Human
Current Status Alive
Class Anti-Hero
Main Weapon(s) Swords
First Appearance The Temple of Void
Latest Appearance The Temple of Void

Lycia Storm is a bounty hunter and one of the main antagonists in The Temple of Void


Lycia Storm is a bloodthirsty bounty hunter who began searching the vast planets for treasure every since she was a teenager. She has since managed to perfect the art of wielding a sword and can now use that sword at very fast speeds to ensure that her enemies get the chop that they deserve. She was the first bounty hunter in her organisation to be female, which was a big accomplishment but not in Lycia's book. She is very tough on herself and often doesn't like taking compliments, her one weakness if you will would be accepting compliments when given.


The Temple of Void



Draegen is Lycia's best friend and trusted partner in crime. 



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