Draegen in The Temple of Void
Full Name Draegen
Current Age 2020
Species New Human
Current Status Alive
Class Antagonist
Main Weapon(s) Pistols
First Appearance The Temple of Void
Latest Appearance The Temple of Void

Draegen is a bounty hunter and one of the main antagonists in The Temple of Void


Draegen is an undead werewolf from a distant planet called Nighlock that has since been destroyed by a group of rebels. He has two pistols which he uses in every situation involving a fight, even though his werewolf powers are way more powerful. He can summon his werewolf persona only in the depth of night, which may be why he never uses those abilities too often. His main goal whilst on the adventure is to find out how his planet met its fate and to find out who is responsible.


The Temple of Void


Lycia Storm

Lycia is Draegen's best friend and trusted partner in crime. 



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