Blur in The Temple of Void
Full Name Blur
Current Age Unspecified
Species New Human
Current Status Alive
Class Antagonist
Main Weapon(s) Katana
First Appearance The Temple of Void
Latest Appearance The Temple of Void

Blur is a skilled ninja and one of the main antagonists in The Temple of Void.


Blur is a mysterious ninja who is very skilled and cunning when it comes to coming up with plans. He comes from a background of ninjas all through his family, and was taught from a young age the fine arts of this mastery. His parents were very determined to make sure they pass on their legacy to him, as people who are ninjas don't usually live to an old age (and usually die in their 20s).


The Temple of Void



Draegen is Blur's fierce rival. They compete against each other when it comes to a large variety of things.



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